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Sandblasting is a process in which an abrasive medium is shot at high speed at material in order to clean the surface for refinishing. It is similar to using sandpaper to remove finishes, rust, paint, varnish, slag and other impurities, but at a much faster rate and with greater effectiveness. The medium is shot through a nozzle with compressed air until the surface is free of paint, and other materials.

The type of medium used is determined by the type of material to be sandblasted, what is to be removed and how the finished product should look. Sand, glass beads, acrylic, corn cob, walnut shells and green diamond are just a few of the standard mediums used in sandblasting.

​All State Abrasives uses one of the largest pressure-fed sandblasting machines on the market that relies on a separate air compressor for power. When the air compressor is switched on, it draws a medium from the tank into the nozzle, mixing it with air to create an abrasive technique that allows larger surfaces to be blasted quickly.

All State Abrasives can use a technique called “wet” sandblasting which is essentially combining water with sand or other media to create a virtually dust-free method for cleaning, paint removal or refinishing. Wet sandblasting generally offers easier cleanup, and is an important tool for projects involving hazardous materials such as lead paint, asbestos or silica.

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Almost all hard materials may undergo the sandblasting process. Metal may be sandblasted to eliminate rust and to prime the metal for adhesive coatings. Brick and wood are also commonly sandblasted in order to take off old paint, oil stains and hard-to-remove dirt, and to prime the material(s) for painting or staining.

All State Abrasives Specializes in Sandblasting all materials. Make your Driveway, Brickwork, Woodwork, Stone look new again, Remove Paint, rust, stains & Much More.  Pools, Cars, Walls, Concrete, Brick, Wood, Metal, Stripes, and Much More.  Call Us  916.662.5375

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